Improving safety with mobile technologies

This project is about using digital technologies to help citizens, NGOs and police services to create more safier environment together.

Our cooperation with NetHope begin after winning international contest for the best safety solutions for „Human trafficking problem”. Challenge was covered in international media, including CNN coverage. Unfortunately project implementation in Russia was ceased for political reasons as organization were expelled from the country by Moscow administration. However our high-quality approach was widely appreciated and we continue our cooperation in other fields including „Albania safety project”.

We are currently piloting safety app in Albania together with Vodafone and NetHope (consortium of 30+ international non-governmental organizations that specializes in improving IT connectivity among humanitarian organizations in developing countries). Intelimind takes responsibility both for server and mobile client parts of the project while Vodafone part was to enable infrastructure necessary for receiving alert reports and tracking devices on mobile networks also in situations when GPS connectivity is not available.

What is the vision? Imagine yourself a system where citizens can report incidents to police departments and safety services while smart algorithms help to better coordinate police work and optimized resource planning. This is the way we want to go.

Do you think that mobile apps, city disaster-relief and emergency management systems have potential to improve our safety? Would you like to learn more about how urban mobile apps can improve our lives and what is our experience in that area? Please contact us to arrange a call or meeting!

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