„Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp” is a story mentioned by many adults as beloved childhood reading

Now, also their children will forget about the whole world, keeping track of the adventures of the hero of this tale.

Jarosław Mikołajewski, known and appreciated polish writer, proposed
a completely new interpretation of this cult story. It gains a new dimension also thanks to the application, which itself is a fairy tale. Thanks to it kids receive a beautifully illustrated, interactive and engaging their imagination tale created on iPad.

The story itself has several elements, which each of us, the adults,
as a child could only dream of. Characters and objects in the tale can be animated (can move if are touched or make sound), and narration – read by the speaker (played by Wojciech Mann), by children on their own or together with their parents.

To see how does the tale look in the newest e-version, download free
3-page piece and set off on a fascinating journey with your child through the land of magic and fantasy.

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