Music will be always important element of any social gatherings

The problem is to pick the artists that matches general taste and to let anyone bring their own choice.

We wanted to improve real-life music playing experience during club and home parties or friends and family meetings – that’s why we developed „Jukebox party” app – socially-powered music player. One Samsung phone will play the music and host the playlist. Other users staying in the room can vote on the songs and can also send their own music files to the shared playlist using Samsung Chord Technology. Ranking is created based on voting results and users decide what’s going to be played next! Users can also vote in real-time on the songs that are played right now.

We would like to change the way the music is played during friend meetings but also in the bars, restaurants and other public places by empowering users to decide and make this places more friendly.
Music players are deaf to the opinions of people in the room. We want to change that.
To see how it works watch our video.

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