New approaches to mobile user interface

Here’s the story. Two of us were on a train with our phones. We wanted to play chess but experience coming from small screen was pretty poor.

We started to think how it could be improved. Here’s our solution: If players locate their phones on the flat surface (preferably next to each other) the screen will automatically switch giving them joint-screen view of one big board. By connecting two devices we’re getting convenient game interface and completely different experience!
Of course you can make your moves freely and pieces will travel across the screens as if you were playing on single tablet device – our app makes both phones communicate all the time and synchronize movements. Please watch the video that clearly picture this idea. We developed the demonstration app for Samsung Galaxy S4 device. It was a fun project to make.

So did you like the concept of dual connected screens for enlarged chess board? Let us know – we’d love to know your opinion! Maybe you’re thinking about novel UI approach in your app project? In this case contact us – our designers are truly passionate about challenging concepts. At Intelimind we are not afraid to experiment and go beyond standards proposing new approaches to UI.

If You want to see how our app works, watch the video presentation.

And by the way – there was another reason for the project: we simply love chess. We think it is one of the greatest strategy game of all times. It is great entertainment which shows that much in the world depend not only on chances but also on understanding and self-perfection!

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