Gamification mechanisms to improve business-level

This project shows how we think gamification elements can be used to make mobile apps more engaging and effective.

Behaviour changing apps are often not successful as they make user feel obliged to follow orders rather than make him really want to do something! Diet mobile app can command you not to eat the cake because that will exceed your daily callories limit. Fitness app can remind you that you were supposed have 5 kilometers run today! Similarly automobile mobile application can tell you to slow down if inefficient driving pattern is detected.

But the problem is that natural psychological reaction is to refuse command. It is sometimes easy to set goals and give advices but in our understanding app should positively motivate users and make them really want to take on some positive driving habits. We want to accomplish that goal by introducing elements of fun and challenge having in mind at the same time that your primary focus should be on driving and not on the app! That’s why we also introduce voice messages so that app will require zero or only minimum attention while you’re driving your car. See video for more details!

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