Enhancing classroom experience and digitizing knowledge sharing process

Modern technologies can change the face of the education. With the right software mobile phones & tablets can be transformed into great learning tools.

Pupils attending schools today are „digital natives”. They were born during or after the general introduction of digital technologies and have grown up in a world of mobile phones, tablets and Internet. The fact is that today these young people live in interactive culture and they don’t necessarily should always be „detached from it” during school lessons.

With our app it is possible to:

  • share in real-time various lesson elements from trainer to students i.e. slides, interactive collaboration boards, quizzes etc.
  • send quiz results to trainer from students on-the-go
  • synchronize interactive collaboration boards across several devices
  • Our solution can be successfully applied everywhere where it is essential to be able to initiate effective knowledge sharing process.
    With our app you can create ad-hoc tutoring sessions with interactive collaboration tools in an instant. Watch the video and see how it works!

    Do you believe that digital technologies have power to disrupt learning process we know today? Let us know what is your opinion!

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